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These downloadable guides cover a range of net zero themes and technical issues, and will be useful to anyone who is involved in a net zero project.

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Decarbonisation of Heat

Heat Networks

An introduction to heat networks, including their benefits, challenges and what financial support is available to develop them. This guide is intended to provide inspiration and support to local authorities and developers that would like to provide a low carbon, income-generating alternative to conventional boiler systems.

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Low Carbon Heat Projects

A guide to assist anyone wishing to develop a low carbon heat project. This includes: understanding the requirements, use of the local area, lifecycle analysis, costs & benefits, identifying appropriate stakeholders, and key national funding sources.

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Distributed Generation

Due Diligence in Large-Scale Renewable Energy Projects

This Hub guide is an introduction to assist anyone undertaking due diligence when looking to develop renewable energy generation, with particular reference to power projects.

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Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance Requirements of Solar Farms

This Guide is an introduction to the requirements typically encountered to commission, operate and maintain a solar farm.


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Solar Photovoltaic Development Opportunities

An introduction to assist anyone who wants to develop Solar Photovoltaics (Solar PV) either as a rent-a-roof service or using ground-mounted solar PV, with a focus on non-residential property.

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Energy Efficiency

Energy Audits

This guide is intended to assist anyone wishing to undertake an energy audit of a building or site. It explains the process and rationale for an audit, including what data to gather and how, in order to inform recommendations for energy-saving measures.

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EV Transition and Charging Networks

Electric Vehicles

This guide aims to support stakeholders with electric vehicle (EV) projects and covers the range of project stages, from initial conception to investment-ready project opportunities.

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Financing & Business Models

Energy Procurement and Investment Models for Local Authorities

This guide has been developed by Cornwall Insight to provide a summary of the key options available to local authorities to buy or produce their own clean energy.  In presenting this information, Cornwall Insight has considered the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks of each option to help inform local authority understanding, planning and decision-making.

Download the local authority guide to buying and producing energy

Business Model Options for Developing Renewable Energy Infrastructure and Supplies

This report by Pinsent Masons provides outline legal advice about the different options available to local authorities for clean local energy procurement and infrastructure development.

Download the outline legal advice about local authority options for energy procurement and infrastructure development.

Low Carbon Living and Working

Planning and Zero Carbon Development

This guide sets out some of the problems faced by local planning authorities in seeking to achieve zero carbon development. It aims to bring forward some solutions to drive up development standards in the absence of zero-carbon building standards.

Download guide to challenges and solutions in zero carbon development

Options and Best Practice in Planning

Intended for planning authorities that want to implement best practice under the current policy environment as of publication in May 2019. The guide can be used to inform Local Plans, Neighbourhood Plans and Garden Town policies.

Download local authority planning guide

Grid constraints and Infrastructure Innovation

Grid Constraint

This Hub guide is an introduction to assist anyone dealing with a grid constrained site. The guide covers some background to how the network operates, why grid constraint occurs, some potential solutions and what steps you can take.

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Whole Energy Systems

The Power Network 

This guide is an introduction to power networks covering: the current approach, where the power comes from, how it is regulated, and approaches to connecting your project.

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Transforming the Power Network

An introduction to how the power network is changing in the UK with the adoption of new technologies and ways of managing electricity use.  This guide covers electricity generation, storage, the emergence of smart grids and new solutions to connecting to the grid.

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