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Please visit our regional case study platform. The platform is a companion site that provides a range of inspiring case studies about net zero projects initiated by organisations and communities within the Greater South East region. The purpose of the platform is to share learning about solutions to climate change and stimulate further action towards net zero.

Click here to visit the Greater South East regional case study platform.


The case studies shown on this page (below) include a selection of existing local authority and businesses projects, as well as those supported by the Net Zero Hub. They are set out by theme and provide examples of local, low carbon energy initiatives in practice. The projects are located across the Net Zero Hub regions in England.

With thanks to Cambridge County Council, CircoSense, Energise Barnsley, Gateshead Council, Go Ultra Low Oxford, Nottingham City Council, Suffolk County Council, West Suffolk Council, Westcott Venture Park and Warrington Borough Council.

Community Energy

Energise Barnsley

Energise Barnsley is the largest local authority and community energy solar PV and battery storage project in the UK. It has the aim of reducing energy bills and promoting sustainability in vulnerable households. The £2 million project has been funded with an £800,000 retail bond and a £1.2 million loan from ethical lender, Charity Bank. All solar PV installed to date has Feed-in Tariff support.

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Decarbonisation of Heat

Gateshead District Energy Scheme

The Gateshead District Energy Scheme is an award-winning project owned by Gateshead Council which supplies heat and electricity to consumers from gas-fired Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engines. It connects to public buildings via a heat network and a network of private wires, and provides heat to council and social housing. The innovative aspects of the project are that it accesses multiple revenue streams and trials new technical products, such as plastic heat network pipes.

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Distributed Generation

Warrington Solar

An ambitious subsidy-free renewable project led by Warrington Borough Council. The project comprises an investment of £60 million to build 60MW of solar generation and a 27MW battery. The solar farms are not located in the same area as the Council, illustrating the fact that the national electricity market allows benefits from investment in generation outside the immediate vicinity.

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Suffolk Energy Opportunities Assessment

The Net Zero Hub provided Suffolk County Council with an analytical process to identify and compare its farmland sites for potential solar PV, wind and biomass opportunities.

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West Suffolk Council - Multiple Wins from Renewables Investment

West Suffolk Council is demonstrating that a long-term investment programme in renewable energy can deliver financial stability for the Council and wider benefits to local businesses and communities. Through its commitment to renewable energy generation, the Council is offsetting around 5,000 tonnes of carbon annually, and provides enough power to run 3,500 homes.

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Energy Efficiency

Lockwood Hub

Surrey County Council used CircoSense technology to identify how it could operate its condensing gas water heater more efficiently, saving both money and carbon emissions.

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Deep Retrofit Energy Model (DREeM) and Energiesprong

The Nottingham Deep Retrofit Energy Model programme follows the Energiesprong approach (developed in the Netherlands) to full-house retrofitting and targets social housing. The scheme is reliant on initial funding to kickstart the programme. An ‘energy plan’ is then set up with the homeowner, paid to the landlord and reinvested into other Energiesprong retrofits. Over time a supply chain is expected to develop, thereby reducing costs.

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EV Transition and Charging Networks

Go Ultra Low Oxford

Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County council have been working together to provide electric car charging for people who have to park their car on the street.

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Finance and Business Models

Mobilising Local Energy Investment (MLEI)

MLEI is an award-winning local authority energy investment programme led by Cambridge County Council. The programme has invested over £20 million in energy generation and energy efficiency, working with 40 schools, seven Council-owned sites, and has delivered a 12MW solar farm built on Council-owned land. It provides an example of how grant funding can be leveraged into an ongoing and broader project, attracting further public and private-sector investment.

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Low Carbon Living and Working

Westcott Venture Park

Westcott Venture Park, the largest business park in Buckinghamshire is developing the first unsubsidised solar photovoltaic power plant in the UK.

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Guildford Borough Council Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Study

Guildford Borough Council’s scope for a heat masterplan, intended to move the Borough towards low carbon energy provision for new and existing buildings, has now been widened to include other opportunities for low and zero carbon technologies.

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