What we do

The Greater South East Net Zero Hub is a regional, government-funded organisation that works with public sector organisations and their stakeholders. We support the development and enable the financing of local net zero projects. These projects encompass local power generation, heat and buildings, transport and local energy systems.

We also support the delivery of government-funded local net zero programmes. These programmes include community energy development, net zero support for businesses, domestic retrofit (energy-efficiency) schemes and support for the development of the domestic retrofit supply chain.

If you are a public sector organisation in the Greater South East region of England and need support to achieve your net zero ambitions, contact us info@gsenetzerohub.org.uk. This service is provided to you free of charge.

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We overcome barriers

With our advice and support we help to overcome barriers to net zero project development, such as:

  • Lack of resource or technical expertise within the organisation that has initiated the project
  • Lack of a robust business case or route to financing to complete the project
  • The need for a convenor to involve other organisations and facilitate conversations when the solution to the barrier sits with a third-party.

We accelerate development

  • We capture learning from the projects we support and promote best practice, so that similar projects can be done even better in future.
  • We enable successful projects and programmes to be replicated, and at a greater scale, so that they have much greater impact.
  • By sharing learning, and by replicating and scaling up success, we aspire to level-up the transition to net zero, so that every public sector organisation can achieve it at the pace of the fastest and most advanced.

We attract investment

  • We help to raise local awareness of the opportunities and benefits of local net-zero investment.
  • We help organisations to develop their project plans to a robust, high-quality standard so that they meet the requirements of public-funding schemes.
  • We help organisations to develop their project plans, so that they are both attractive to investment and able to provide public benefit.
  • We are supporting research into a replicable model to achieve development and attract finance at a regional scale.
  • We aim to scale-up net-zero development opportunities to attract the scale of investment required to meet the net zero goals of the public sector bodies in the Greater South East region.

We enable collaboration

  • We help connect the many different stakeholders in the region who are working towards net zero goals.
  • We have brought together diverse organisations for mutual benefit and to achieve new solutions.

We advocate

  • We provide comment to government and regulatory consultations where these affect local net zero development.
  • We also reach out to our stakeholders for their thoughts, so that we can feed in perspectives from the public sector across the region.
  • We identify issues and opportunities that could impact on local net zero development, and gather evidence about these from our regional stakeholders, so that we can provide authorities, regulators and policy and decision-makers with additional insights to help inform their plans.

We welcome your feedback and insights on any issues or opportunities that you would like to bring to our attention: info@gsenetzerohub.org.uk

We innovate

  • We support innovation where the barrier to net zero is new solutions or ways of working.

We have partnered with Innovate UK KTN, using its Innovation Exchange programme to help local authorities find new ways to tackle the decarbonisation of their large vehicle fleets.

Read our case study on the decarbonisation of large fleet vehicles HERE.

We have commissioned research to explore the opportunity for the co-location of transport and energy hubs.

We are sustainable

  •  The Hub seeks to support the goal of net zero in the most sustainable way possible.
  • We give comprehensive consideration to the environmental, social and economic impacts of the projects we support.

We make a difference

  • The Hub exists to make things better for people and for the area they live in. We expect our work to have a positive impact.
  • We have commissioned an independent evaluation of the effectiveness of our work, so that we can learn from our efforts to date and maximise our value.
  • We feed back into our operations any learning that we acquire.

The Greater South East Net Zero Hub is currently supporting a project pipeline of 107 projects. The independent evaluation of our work has estimated that if fully delivered, these projects will have combined value of up to £700 million and that a total of 2.3 million tons of carbon will be saved over the lifetime of these projects.

Explore our website and learn more about our work and impact, or contact us for support: info@gsenetzerohub.org.uk

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