How we can support you

Our key objective as an organisation is to increase the number, quality, and scale of local net zero projects being delivered across the region. To this end, we provide advice and support to public sector organisations and their stakeholders throughout the development stages of their net zero projects. 

This advice and support includes options appraisal and feasibility, business-case preparation, design, planning, and financing. The Greater South East Net Zero Hub is funded by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero and is able to provide this help to you free of charge.

The Hub particularly aims to help projects that have barriers to their development and which, without our help, would be difficult to overcome.

Such barriers might be:

  • A lack of resource or technical expertise within the organisation that has initiated the project
  • The lack of a robust business case or route to financing to complete the project
  • The need for a convenor to involve other organisations and facilitate conversations when the barrier sits with a third-party.


Project support is allocated to those projects that best meet the purpose of the Net Zero Hub. This means that your project should, ideally:

  • Have the potential to be scalable and/or replicable, or to form part of a larger programme
  • Demonstrate clear benefits, such as carbon emissions reduction, renewable energy generation, or energy cost savings
  • Support economic development opportunities.

Contact us for a conversation about your project and find out how we can support you: info@gsenetzerohub.org.uk
This service is provided to you free of charge.

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