Local Energy Systems

Roles and Responsibilities

Engagement of Local Authorities

The transition of the energy system to net zero will bring with it the decentralisation of energy generation and demand. This will require changes to how the energy system is planned and operated at a local level. Great Britain’s independent energy regulator Ofgem has been engaging with stakeholders, including distribution network operators and local authorities, on the institutional and governance arrangements needed for a future energy system that will be capable of supporting this transition.

Get in touch with Ofgem and get involved in the transition: FutureNetworkRegulation@ofgem.gov.uk

Ofgem has proposed the creation of a Regional System Planner. A single accountable body responsible for engaging with stakeholders and developing and owning the plan within a region. Local authorities are urged to be involved, since the future arrangements will directly impact on their net zero plans concerning decarbonisation of buildings, transport, energy generation or use and local development.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the future arrangements.

Hub responses to recent consultations

The future of local energy institutions and governance - Ofgem's call for input

In response to Ofgem’s call for input on the future of local energy institutions and governance, the Greater South East Net Zero Hub held a workshop for local authorities in the Greater South East region. This enabled us to gain wider perspectives on these issues to inform our response. Our comments to Ofgem are available below to download for your interest.

Our response to Ofgem's call for input

Strategy and Policy Statement for Energy Policy in Great Britain

The government has been seeking views on its proposed Strategy and Policy Statement for energy policy in Great Britain via an open consultation. The Statement sets out the government’s strategic priorities for its energy policy. Ofgem and the Future System Operator, once established, will be required to have regard to the strategic priorities in the Strategy and Policy Statement when carrying out their functions. Click the button below and read the response from the Greater South East Net Zero Hub to the consultation.

Our response to the Strategy and Policy Statement for Energy Policy

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