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Research Projects

Each of the five regional Net Zero Hubs is leading on a national energy project to produce a set of toolkits. These resources will share good practice and information for use by Local Enterprise Partnerships, local authorities and other local energy project developers across England.

The work is funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Outputs will be posted on this website as they become available.

Mapping energy and utilities infrastructure for regional spatial planning – Greater South East Net Zero Hub

An investigation of the current approaches to spatial mapping of energy assets, infrastructure and data. All Net Zero Hubs and their stakeholders will be consulted, to understand how a national approach for energy mapping might be beneficial, and how it should be designed and delivered. A proposal will be developed for a national platform for regional energy mapping that all five Net Zero Hubs can use.

Three ways to get involved

  1. Complete our mapping questionnaire Download mapping questionnaire
  2. Allow us to use your organisation as a case study, to learn more about your current system potential and your aspirations for local energy data source use and analysis.
  3. Join the Greater South East Mapping Group, which will review and contribute to an energy mapping knowledge base, in parallel with other information gathering routes.

We are interested in receiving input from anyone who uses, analyses or maps local energy data. For further information please contact

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