Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is local energy?

Local energy projects are located where the people who use the power they provide, live and work. They are set up and run by local public, private, third-sector or community organisations. The provision of local energy supports growth in the local economy and provides local job opportunities and social benefit. It supplies power to homes, businesses and public buildings, and offers income-generating opportunities to all kinds of organisations.

Q: Why is local energy important?

Local energy projects lend themselves well to low carbon, renewable and innovative technologies. They also have the potential to make a significant contribution to the UK’s energy supply. They will help to ensure that we have an affordable and reliable energy supply in years to come, and to reduce our carbon emissions to limit climate change.

Q: Why was the Greater South East Net Zero Hub set up?

Many local energy projects are not reaching delivery, either because they are too small to meet investors’ requirements, or because there is lack of resource and technical expertise to deliver them. The Net Zero Hub provides support to project developers to address these constraints and helps them make progress with their energy schemes.

Q: What are Local Enterprise Partnerships?

Local Enterprise Partnerships are a business-led partnership between local authorities and the business community. They were initiated by the government to identify local economic priorities. They work to improve local infrastructure and to support local economic growth, job creation and the development of workforce skills.

Q: How does the Greater South East Net Zero Hub operate?

The Net Zero Hub has an operations team of experts who work with Local Enterprise Partnerships, local authorities and other project developers, to increase the number and scale of local energy projects being delivered. The operations team is speaking to prospective energy developers throughout the region to gather further information about their project opportunities and needs. The Net Zero Hub uses the energy strategies produced by Local Enterprise Partnerships in the region to identify which local energy projects should be prioritised for support.

Q: How is the Greater South East Net Zero Hub funded?

The Net Zero Hub will receive funding from the government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy until March 2021. The Net Zero Hub is currently working to identify how it can become sustainable for the future.

Q: Where is the Greater South East Net Zero Hub based?

The Net Zero Hub’s team of experts are widely located across the greater south east region to ensure good coverage and outreach within the area.

Q: I have a project I would like the Greater South East Net Zero Hub to support - what should I do?

Please complete an enquiry form or contact info@gsenetzerohub.org.uk with information about the key features of your project. The Net Zero Hub will then determine how it can best support you.

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Q: I'm new to local energy and have come across many acronyms! What do they mean?

Click on the button below to download a glossary that has been developed to help you.

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